Middleton Foods

Middleton Foods is a family-owned UK business with over 55 years of steady growth under their belt. Middletons’ ethos of using only the best ingredients has established a reputation for high quality glazes and mixes within the butchery and fish and chips shop market. Middletons are well known for their expertise, product development, and fantastic customer service.


On the back of years of great domestic growth in the UK marketplace, Middletons were approached by overseas businesses looking to take Middletons’ quality and products onto the world stage. Like many manufacturing businesses, Middletons’ in their field and did not extend to international supply chain management solutions, so they contacted IFL to assist them in growing their business further.


IFL offered Middletons a single-source solution, comprising a simple model that suited their growing business. Middletons’ new overseas enquiries could now be directed through IFL, who would quote according to the customer’s requirement. With IFL purchasing the product from Middletons, we were able to effectively remove the responsibilities and complexities of international sale and product compliance from them, and onto us. IFL, by taking title of the goods, could issue documentation and have the products ready to comply with overseas market regulations and be sold directly to the customer. We became a bridge between manufacturer and international customer, helping Middletons supply worldwide with a cost effective solution.


Through working with IFL, Middletons expanded into new markets that were previously thought to be beyond their ability to deliver.
A strong partnership was formed, resulting in Middletons’ products being delivered in the most cost-effective way across the globe, while maintaining Middletons’ high customer service principles.

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Paul Cooper

Senior Account Manager