MH Alshaya

MH Alshaya Co is a leading retail group, specialising in sourcing products in the UK and EU.


MH Alshaya embarked on a strategy to diversify their high end retail food offerings in their Dean & Deluca stores by adding 3000+ innovative products from 50+ artisan suppliers in the UK and Europe.

Products needed to:

  • Comply with strict ingredient legislation
  • satisfy complex shelf life regulations
  • be labelled and date coded in Arabic
  • be suitably presented to face customers in a high quality retail environment

The client also required:

  • A managed financial platform involving purchasing from multiple suppliers with no knowledge of Middle East trade, channelled through IFL as a single appointed purchasing partner provider
  • A streamlined process to land ambient and temperature sensitive products safely in the challenging climatic conditions of the region


IFL’s positioning reassured suppliers that no prior experience of Middle East business would be necessary on their part for them to benefit from being a partner supplier to such a prestigious retail group.

Working closely alongside the team at MH Alshaya, IFL used its extensive knowledge of Middle East business and strong financial credentials to implement its long established business model – placing purchase orders with suppliers and assuming all responsibility for delivering the full solution, which included:

  • Pre-checks of ingredients and their shelf life, to confirm compliance with Middle East regulations by country
  • Collecting orders from suppliers in the UK and around the EU
  • Checking orders, piece by piece, for accuracy
  • Capture of any non-compliant products or labelling
  • Production and attachment of Arabic labels, suitable for high-end shelf display
  • Date coding and inkjetting to meet specific country regulations
  • Production of all country-specific health and legal documents to satisfy import legislation
  • Preparation, packing and management of shipment by sea and air of multi temperature products using IFL’s own international logistics expertise
  • Combining multiple supplier and multi-currency transactions to single-invoice shipments to rationalise shipping costs and customs clearance in the Middle East


MH Alshaya were able to implement their new product ranges, enabling them to successfully execute their plan.

By capturing and product discrepancies at early stages of the process, IFL prevented many damaging and costly rejection issues at destination.

As a result of our solution, suppliers have confidence in receiving timely payments from IFL, along with now having the opportunity for them to sell to a major brand internationally, with none of the complexities associated with trading in the Middle East.

The robust ongoing supply chain mechanism allows MH Alshaya to easily activate more suppliers and new innovative products continually, meaning they can further enhance their own offerings to customers in stores.

Even in the most complex and challenging markets in the Middle East, the client has been able to maintain a consistent flow of availability across a wide range of categories to its customers.

Posted by

Saul Vargas

Key Account Co-Ordinator