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As a premium Australian gourmet retail food store, emporium, café and retailer, Jones the Grocer provides gourmet food, master classes, private label branded gourmet products, international artisan suppliers and ingredients. Its gourmet food for everyday living gives its customers interaction, inspiration and excitement, with a fresh, imaginative approach. Sourced and selected from around the world, premium food lovers, can access natural ingredients and specialist artisan suppliers. Stores showcase contemporary design, premium teas, specialist chocolates, crackers, small batch jams, and handmade cheeses. They are dedicated to quality, expertly selected farmhouse producers, for their customers to taste in the café, or buy on the shelves.


Jones held a much-publicised cheese event in Abu Dhabi. Cheese rooms are central to Jones’ offering and brand perception, so Jones expected to have lots of customer interaction through holding high profile masterclasses. Gulf states have very exacting (and differing) customs requirements for foodstuffs, especially retail products sold in stores. Dairy products are easily perishable, and require specific environmental conditions.

Cheeses, being very delicate, and some with very short lifespans, require a seamless cool chain. Requiring veterinary inspection, dairy products come with intense export documentation and scrutiny of ingredients for food safety. Arranging a cool chain air freight solution, organising every detail of logistics, documentation, IFL were tasked with bringing it all together, from supplier to customer. This included utilising insulated pallet boxes and refrigerated storage on site.


IFL synchronised all of the elements to achieve exactly what was needed. Cheese arrived in perfect condition at the exact time requested, clearing all customs requirements. The event itself was successful, and much publicised. Transforming concept to reality, IFL insured continuity of supply and allowed a much greater range of products from artisan producers across Europe to be made available in this new market.


Subsequent orders were made, which also faced the same challenges as before, but allowed the success of the show to be transformed into sales with ensured continuity of supply and selection of artisan cheeses.

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Anthony Loveridge

Account Manager