Foodmark operates a number of internationally franchised restaurants within the UAE and other GCC countries, including Carluccio’s and Nando’s, amongst others. Foodmark’s ambition is to grow further, bringing additional franchises under its portfolio.

As a leading company in the food and beverage industry in Middle East, Foodmark was looking for a global logistics provider to support its supply chain for one of their franchises, Carluccio’s, which has its headquarters in the UK. Foodmark needed a company that could provide purchase order management, electronic data exchange, consolidation 3PL logistic solutions, labelling to meet UAE regulations, international transport from suppliers to consolidate in the UK, and to consolidate goods to the UAE in a single shipment.

Challenges & Opportunities

Foodmark knew that its logistics provider would face a variety of challenges, but the end result would bring growth opportunities and value to its customers. Because of this, a senior executive approached IFL with the aim of finding support for its operations from the UK to the UAE.

There were a number of challenges that needed to be overcome by IFL in order to provide a customised supply chain solution to Foodmark. For example, Carluccio’s have multiple suppliers. That meant that invoices were issued by suppliers on different times, and some suppliers were charging VAT even though the product was going to be exported. Products did not meet UAE label regulations, and timing was critical as some products have a short shelf life.


IFL provided a single source solution, designing a well-organised ordering process in collaboration with Foodmark. On this approach, the IFL team is covering a number of tasks that enable the customer to receive the cargo in a few simple steps – ordering, shelf date approvals, agreement of transport mode, and then clearance. While IFL is committed to receive the orders with the aim of arranging a single shipment to support Carluccio’s’ operations in Middle East, IFL have a number of tasks within this process, including:

  • Arrangement of the best mode of transportation,
  • Procurement and payment to multiple suppliers,
  • 3PL third party supply chain management solution for carluccios multiples suppliers
  • Warehousing
  • Flexible IT systems that operate together with each supplier
  • Labels Translation in order to meet UAE regulations
  • Consolidation of the order into one single invoice, having all the relevant certificates together to facilitate clearance and lower shipping costs


IFL provided three steps to deliver the goods at the UAE ports – ordering, date approval, and agreement of transport mode.

This solution improved Carluccio’s’ ordering process with Foodmark, and allowed the company to concentrate more on brand development. Carluccio’s is steadily growing and will continue to open more stores in the years to come. IFL is proud to be an ongoing part of Carluccio’s’ growth success story!

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Carlos Tobon

Key Account Co-Ordinator