Chumley Warner’s Traditional British Fish & Chips

Chumley Warner’s have taken traditional British fish and chips down under. Run by an expat British couple, the product is known for its authentic taste and authentic ingredients. They provide a true delight to expats and the converted, craving ‘real’ fish and chips (compared to Australian chip shops, that rely on subtropical species of fish and frozen potato chips). Chumley Warners’ is a true British chippy, offering north Atlantic cod and haddock, scampi, pies, Middletons’ batters, gherkins and pickles, mushy peas, along with familiar British and Irish soft drinks.


Australia has a very challenging set of requirements for importing food products. AQA is rightly exacting in its pursuit of Australian food safety, and very serious about the preservation of Australia’s unique ecology, and Chumley Warner’s’ unique offer relies on a constant stream of ambient and frozen foodstuffs from the other side of the world. IFL is able to prepare and dispatch anything from one pallet to full 40ft container loads. This involves utilising sea freight and air freight, organising all freight and shipping, loading containers and making use of on site frozen and ambient storage for back to back, just in time ordering. IFL’s ability to deliver North Atlantic cold water cod, haddock and scamp relies on our process seamlessly organising a cold chain from Iceland to Australia.

IFL navigates through these requirements, both by procuring the correct export documentation, and by understanding the evolving process of ensuring continuity of supply for clients. Our expansive network and relationship with manufactures and suppliers allows us to access technical information, essential for clearing Australian customs procedures. We are able to both physically prepare and secure orders to ISPM standards, and ensure it reaches Australia in optimum condition – just when it’s needed.


Thanks to IFL, Chumley Warner’s is able to consistently supply its in-country franchised network of traditional British chip shops with the original and best authentic British and Irish products, for a taste exactly like home. Over the last five years, they have been able to grow and expand their partners and range, winning accolades for Best British Restaurant in Australia, and bringing Pukka Pies into Australia for the very first time.

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Anthony Loveridge

Account Manager