Bottlegreen Drinks Co

Bottlegreen have been making award winning cordials since 1989, when the business started as a husband and wife team producing in their own kitchen, at home in the Cotswolds. Environmental responsibility and product quality are at the heart of Bottlegreen’s philosophy – using water from their own artisanal well, and blending the finest natural ingredients in their products for a superb and refreshing cordial. The product range has since grown to incorporate sparkling pressés, mixers, and premium tonics. It has also broken into new market segments as an ingredient of choice for mixologists and chefs. Since Waitrose first stocked the Bottlegreen range, the products have been supplied to grocery stores and tea shops throughout the UK, and grown in popularity internationally.

IFL have worked seamlessly with Bottlegreen and its retail customer and distributor base over the years, bringing our unique insight and understanding of supply chain, shipping and customs formalities globally to satisfy a diverse geographic network. Each partner has both a distinct business model and set of needs, depending on their location. IFL’s continuing flexibility and support is essential in ensuring that stock is received just when it’s needed. Having an understanding of every facet of physically moving products from supplier to the door of the customer, including the timescales involved, IFL have access to a vast network of shipping lines and hauliers to help reduce unnecessary costs – and keep the supply chain lean to achieve just in time supply. But, it is so much more than that – remaining flexible, evolving our knowledge, understanding and supplying the correct export documents and interacting with overseas agents and authorities are all essential to help successfully clear customs regimes, from China, Hong Kong, Korea and India to Russia, South Africa and the US. This is our true strength. We continue to help Bottlegreen and its international partners to flourish in Europe and beyond, ensuring we are active, approachable and adaptive to an evolving world.

We are always attentive for new opportunities with Bottlegreen’s products by being positive in supporting new markets. The Bottlegreen brand now has international recognition, and continues to be extremely popular at home and abroad – showcasing the quality and appeal of British products. IFL are always here to help with that!

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Anthony Loveridge

Account Manager