IFL is all about crossing frontiers – engineering supply chain solutions for our clients that are as agile as they are pioneering. Our aim? To expand our customers horizons, and make objectives that seemed impossible a reality. That’s why household names approach IFL to help them in growing their businesses on the world stage.
Our approach is recognised as being innovative, forward thinking and, importantly, unique to us. Our clients are confident in the knowledge that, with IFL, they will get results – guaranteed.


Our solutions work just as effectively for small businesses as they do for large corporations. Our simple yet effective model works like this: IFL purchase goods from multiple suppliers – effectively at we are ‘taking title of the goods’. This allows us to issue standardized and comprehensive documentation, and make the products compliant with overseas market regulations. The end result is a more cost-effective, better streamlined solution for our clients.

Joining with our global partners, our knowledge and top to bottom industry expertise truly makes IFL something different. In keeping with our ethos of great customer service; we wanted to create a customer experience that was enjoyable and streamlined. The question was; how do we make our vision of seamless connectivity a reality? This brought us back to  our core business purpose – to greatly advance the brands of all our customers.


We created a platform where franchisees from all over the world can place their orders – straight to IFL. The idea was born after a meeting with a franchisor, in which they mentioned how much easier their business processes would be if their franchisees were able to order directly from IFL using an application. This was the lightbulb moment! Suddenly, we had gained a new perspective on how to achieve the additional customer engagement that we were seeking.
After considerable market research, it became clear the best option for us was to work with a dynamic tech company, Adventoris, to employ their B2B e-commerce solution ‘SwiftCloud’. They provided us with a market leading platform for our clients, complementing our established business practices, all while allowing franchisees to place their own orders at any time of the day. SwiftCloud is a multi-platform application, allowing customers to place order order via a mobile app on their mobile phone or tablet, or a PC by using the desktop version. Our SwiftCloud-powered app is packed with features, including customer specific pricing, delivery charges, barcode scanning, shopping lists, favourites, special offers and downloadable product technical information.
With desktop-driven ecommerce sales plateauing in 2017 and sales from mobile devices surging ahead, there has never been a better time to make the transition to having a personalised app.
Thanks to our partnership with Adventoris and the utilization of SwiftCloud, this new sales platform puts the ordering process in the palm of the customer’s hand. Our clients love having access to a platform that allows them to place orders in an informed and direct but simple manner. This means that IFL can not only future-proof our customer service and engagement, but also gives us a tool with which we can closely monitor and proactively drive sales.
“Few could think where else we could go after fax, so let’s see how much further we can take things with the app!”

Posted by

Carlos Tobon

Key Account Co-Ordinator